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Darlene delivered a moving witness to the power of Christ. Her story is the story of the Cross, and she tells it with grace and conviction. The culmination of her story is that of Easter morning, where the new man emerges and all things are made new. She understands her audience, welcomes questions, is genuine and polite, and most importantly, she is 100% pro-life. Darlene has lived, and continues to live, “Evangelium Vitae,” the Gospel of Life.”

Tyler Rowley, St. Pius Young Adult Group President

Darlene is a true example of overcoming impossible odds. Reading her story you will begin to understand – meet her and you will SEE what powerful transformations can result from true grit, single minded determination and understanding that God has bigger plans for us than we do.

Linda Huuskonen, Powerhouse Wealth Strategies

I am pleased to endorse Darlene Pawlik as a pro-life speaker.

Dr. James Dobson, Host of Family Talk Radio, Psychologist and Author

Darlene Pawlik spoke at our most recent fundraising banquet. My expectations were surpassed in so many ways.

I knew she had an incredible story to tell, but I did not know how genuine and moving she would be. Her gentle demeanor as she told of the horrors of her childhood, her brutal honesty about her own part in how she ended up where she did, and her authentic passion for life and love of God endeared her to our audience.

She thanked our supporters for what they do to help people like her and said that without them, she would not be alive today. We had the most successful banquet we have had in years.

Marianne Donadio
VP Marketing & Development
Room At The Inn of the Triad
Darlene and Dr. Dobson