What if I’m Wrong About Everything?

What if I’m wrong about everything I know about life and about God and the Bible?

Suppose it’s true

If what I know about life and God is true. In short; God created the world, He gave specific instructions about how we should live here, He told us our condition, and He provided a Savior to change our status, if we so choose. Then, after we pass away here, we are judged, according to the Bible.

Obviously, there is way more to the story than that. There are 66 books in the Bible, 39 make up the First Covenant and 27 make up the New Covenant. Therein, we have stories, law, poetry, history, prophecy, the gospels, and letters. Everything under the sun is in there. Some of it, I do not understand at all. Much of it, however, is pretty clear.

If it is true, then we should live according to the directives and work to understand all that we can. There are many times that we see if you do this, you will get that. To me the impetus to study is in the fact that we die and after that, we either disintegrate in hell, or we are resting awaiting our heavenly home.

Suppose it’s not true

If it is not true, millions of people have shared an experience that cannot be fully explained by natural means. We have felt an energy during worship that is like nothing else on earth. Christians have prayed, asking an invisible being for specific outcomes and seen manifestation of our requests. Many of us have had peace in unimaginable circumstances. We have wisdom and joy, in impossible situations.

Millions of people have given up pursuits, deemed sinful. Things like stealing, drunkenness, adultery, lying, cruelty, murder, and the like. Often, addictions are released. The pleasure of sin, simply dissipates, making it easy to walk away.

We have given away lots of money. Our time and energy has been expended for the good of others with no recompense to ourselves. We have served, sacrificed, and suffered to adhere to the precepts of the Bible. Many have built schools, housed strangers, reached out to the poorest of the poor with life saving provisions.

Choose to Suppose

No one is obligated to believe. I choose to believe that it’s true, that there is a Creator to whom we will answer. I choose to declare it as truth. My faith may appear to be an opinion to others and that is fine with me.

What will I lose? I have given away at least a tenth of all the money, or goods that I posses. We have rarely missed it. I’ve gone broke, but always bounce back. We have denied ourselves many earthly pleasures for the hope of eternal pleasure. I may miss out, but I have an overwhelming peace that keeps me stable.

It’s not easy. We work out our faith with fear and trembling. Some of that comes from within and some from the people around us. People can be cruel or just hard to deal with. Some relationships don’t withstand our preference of a relationship with Jesus.

Life is hard, no matter who you are or where you live. There are some things that make life harder. I think faith in an eternal reward makes it easier. I believe I am doing what I am called to do. That helps to make the hard times pass easier and it makes the good times great.

You can choose too. We are encourages to choose.

Check out some Billy Graham videos. If I’m right, he is not dead. If I am wrong, his words still hold hope and life and love.

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